Here For Good - Approaching $15,000 to Help Over 100 Businesses!!

Here For Good - Approaching $15,000 to Help Over 100 Businesses!!

We are now 10 full days into our Here For Good campaign and we are still adding businesses and selling shirts daily. 

Today we added our 100th business to our list. Collectively, our participating businesses have sold nearly 1,500 shirts. $10 of shirt sold goes directly toward the participating small business. Which means we are approaching $15,000 in funds raised for small business. 

We will continue to run this campaign even though the state is starting to open up!

This campaign is great for generating a little bit of income without doing any of the work. Justagame Impressions is fulfilling all of your orders and all you do is share your post to receive a check! There is no risk to sign up!

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Open For Business!!

Justagame Impressions is also open for business as usual to fulfill your custom apparel and promotional needs. With your businesses gearing up for business again, Justagame Impressions would love to supply your business with:

  • Employee Apparel
  • Retail Products
  • Promotional Products
  • Vinyl Banners
  • More...

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